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TCB Needs YOUR Help

We have met our goal!

Thank you for your support; by working together we showed up to support our beloved ballet company live and in person. If you wish to donate to TCB, please feel free to make a one time donation.
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TCB is a public 501 (c)3 charitable organization––a professional ballet company located in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.

TCB’s mission is to connect and enrich communities by making ballet approachable, relatable, and fun, through professional and original productions and educational outreach. TCB accomplishes this mission through the creation of original story ballets, contemporary works, and educational outreach programs.

TCB has performed for over 27,000 community members since 2017. Notable productions include TCB’s annual performances of A Minnesota Nutcracker, story ballets based on The Wizard of Oz and The Chronicles of Narnia, and the original full-length contemporary ballet Pink Floyd’s The Wall: A Rock Ballet.

TCB is also the first dance company in Minnesota to offer a Sensory-Relaxed performance series, launching in December 2021.

TCB’s is uniquely positioned to ensure that persons of all ages, races and ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and abilities have access to the art of dance. TCB provides meaningful educational opportunities, fosters community involvement, contributes to artistic development, and helps improve the quality of life for Minnesotans.

Ways we do this include:

  • Educational Outreach: TCB reaches over 2,000 children & seniors each year through its educational outreach programs, which incorporate elements of History, Art, and Music, and give attendees a greater understanding of and enthusiasm for ballet, art and culture.
  • Collaboration & Community Involvement: TCB collaborates with other artists and organizations in the community. TCB works with local visual artists, musicians, composers photographers, videographers, live musicians such as the live band accompanying its original production of Pink Floyd’s The Wall: A Rock Ballet, and other arts organizations including MIA, Landmark Center, Community Theaters, and Orchestras.
  • Artistic Development: TCB provides opportunities for dancers to further their education and/or professional careers. Local student dancers are given the opportunity to perform alongside TCB’s professional company dancers each year, TCB’s Adult Apprentice Program serves as a bridge between ballet training and a professional dance career, and TCB Adult Professional Salaried Dancers are provided jobs and careers. 

Investment in the arts generates a high return on investment, great public relations and branding for the donor, and helps to enrich and improve your community.

The arts foster the development of transferable skills, broadens education and cultural awareness, enriches the quality of life, creates jobs, and supports local small businesses.

Covid-19 has caused Substantial Harm to TCB Ballet Company.

  • Significant financial losses in earned revenue (ticket sales) due to cancelled or severely restricted productions — TCB’s estimated earned revenue shortfall going into Fall 2021 is $150,000. Without additional financial assistance, we will only be able to continue our current operations for approximately 5 months.
  • Lack of performance and outreach opportunities for both Dancers and Audience.
  • Dancers on extended furloughs resulting in financial uncertainty, and the loss of their primary jobs with no viable alternatives.
  • Staff hours have been reduced or cut including administrative, technical (lighting, sound, etc.), artistic (teaching, coaching, etc.), and production support (costumes, hair & make-up, props, etc.).

We are working tirelessly to save Twin Cities Ballet and ensure its future viability and success.

  • TCB continues to think outside the box to perform, create and innovate.
  • This past year, TCB has performed outdoors, performed in mixed in-person and live stream settings, and created videoed and live stream performances that were digitally available for wide audience. 
  • TCB has modified the performance production calendar and the administrative infrastructure to stabilize the organization.
  • TCB Artistic Directors volunteered to and have taken a 50% reduction in pay this year.
  • TCB is actively seeking additional financial and volunteer assistance –– including various Grants (including PPP loans), reaching out to our community for Corporate, Individual and In-kind donations, and asking for Volunteer support.

Financial Donations: We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit. If you are in a position to help financially, please donate to TCB.

Volunteer your time: 1 hour, 5 hours, 20 hours, or full time: all volunteer time is appreciated. To volunteer please SIGN UP.

Networking: In-kind donations,  Corporate Donors, spread the word.

TCB performing in The Central Lakes Symphony Orchestra’s Healing Power of Music February, 2021. We will also be performing and filming the Ruby Slippers: A Wizard of Oz Ballet this May.

TCB is able to continue our current operations through the end of the 2020/2021 season. TCB is working tirelessly to ensure that we will continue to create and perform professional productions in the future, and with your support, we will continue to do so!

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