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Support Twin Cities Ballet


Enhanced Tax Benefits for Charitable Donations:

  • $300 Deduction of Cash Contributions: Ability for an above-the-line deduction up to $300 of cash contributions to charities, regardless of whether the individual itemizes deductions. 
  • Changes to Limits on Charitable Contributions: 
  1. Individuals: For those who itemize their deductions for charitable giving, the 60% of adjusted gross income limit is suspended for 2020. 
  2. Corporations: The 10% limit on charitable contributions is increased to 25% of taxable income.
Two dancers rehearsing for a performance
We hope that patrons and donors who are fortunate to have stable financial means will continue to support the arts. Thank You!
One dancer jumping over another in a scene from The Wall: A Rock Ballet

Ballet Sponsorship:

Twin Cities Ballet of Minnesota, is a public, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. To fund its operations TCB relies on fundraising events, ticket sales, silent auctions, raffles, and most of all donations from private and corporate sponsors. Help keep the dream alive; your tax-deductible support is greatly appreciated.

Our Volunteers

Twin Cities Ballet relies on the support of the amazing women and men who donate their valuable time to volunteer for us. With over 200 volunteers, TCB is able to create our high-quality and professional productions, run educational outreaches, and bring dance and the arts to our community.

Our main volunteer organization, the “Friends of the Ballet” consists of 6 separate committees: Costume & Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup, Events, Props, Boutique, and Marketing & Communications. Lead by our amazing leads–Irene Wagner, Lori Moore, Katie Sutherland, Maria LoPresto, Emily McGuire, Emily Winn and Tianna Votiso– these committees consist of parents, grandparents, relatives, friends, and supporters who generously volunteer their time to sew, glue, prepare the flowers, organize, build and fix props, lay down the floor, etc. 

Many thanks to our amazing volunteers!

Twin Cities Ballet volunteers

Special Thanks

 Twin Cities Ballet of Minnesota would like to express its sincere gratitude to: All of our donors and sponsors, Twin Cities Ballet’s Board of Directors for their countless hours to build the foundation and growth of this non-profit organization, Twin Cities Ballet’s Artistic Staff for their patience and dedication to making TCB one of the leading professional ballet companies in Minnesota, Ballet Royale Minnesota for providing a home, studios, education services and storage space, TCB’s Artistic Collaborators including Ames Center, Lakeville Area Arts Center, The Cowles Center for Dance, local School Districts, and various other arts organizations, and of course, the Dancers and our Audience, for whom Twin Cities Ballet of Minnesota exists!

Twin Cities Ballet would also like to give a special thank you to our amazing photographers!

Twin Cities Ballet of Minnesota Gives a Heartfelt Thanks to our Supporters!

  • Ballet Royale Minnesota
  • Rick & Denise Vogt
  • Craig & Suzanne Ingalls, Professional Plating Inc.
  • Felicia & David Boyd
  • Thomas Vogt
  • Chris Wagner
  • Kiehm Construction
  • Claudia Anderson
  • Edward & Jennifer Bohlen
  • Kendra Gruman
  • Maureen & Trevor Haworth
  • Susan & Thomas Hebert
  • Ian Hunter
  • Kent Kane
  • Dusty Mairs
  • Tracy Rubietta & Thomas Nissen
  • Benjamin Stumph
  • AlphaGraphics
  • Thomas McCartney Photography
  • Deborah Bryant
  • Dawn DeBenedictis
  • Amy Ekland
  • Ryan Fisher
  • Stephanie & Paul Hunt
  • Christopher Jahraus
  • Cheryl Perkins
  • John & Nicole Righini
  • James & Betsy Neild
  • Margaret Rossi
  • David Vogt
  • Emily Winn
  • Sterling State Bank
  • Total Wine
  • Leroi Anderson
  • Marcus & Kimi Childress
  • Sandra Cummings
  • Matthew Dahlhauser
  • Shari Emerson
  • Jessica Fortin
  • Sara Grachek & James Mihalek
  • Lara Lash
  • Elizabeth Lilly
  • Nelson Maler
  • Cheryl Morton
  • Andrew & Lisa Mushett
  • Dean Neuburger
  • Clare Presly
  • Paul Rime
  • Katie Sutherland
  • Magda Surrisi
  • Angie & Troy Talbot
  • Colleen Tyson
  • Kevin Wand
  • Kristine Webb
  • Samuel & Christine Welty
  • Cozy Wittman
  • Christian Moore Photography
  • R.F. Moeller
  • Thrivent Financial
  • Urban Sense Design
  • Micah Chermak
  • Yellie Chermak
  • Vonne Danielson
  • Marissa DeBenedictis
  • Laurence Johnson
  • Noah Kopp
  • Erin Leon
  • Kevin & Lori Moore
  • Margaret Uzelac
  • Elizabeth Vogt
  • Children’s Castle Theater
  • Anonymous (x8)
  • Angela Amundson
  • Krissy Aars
  • Katie Blanchette
  • Terri Beleane
  • Janet Boyer
  • Jolynn Choy
  • Andrew Conboy
  • Janell Corcoran
  • Ann & Dave Downey
  • Jill Dupslaff
  • Dina Erickson
  • Robyn Erkel
  • Ruthena Fink
  • Todd Genskay
  • Jennifer Grapes
  • Sarah Hancock
  • Kenneth & Mary Hawemann
  • Matthew Hucek
  • Alex Hunt
  • Karl Jones
  • Pamela Joffe
  • Mark & Kathy Kleinshmidt
  • Janet Korte
  • Linda Larson
  • Colleen & Victor LoPresto
  • Signe McKie
  • Raymond & Melissa Murray
  • Lisa Mushett
  • Nate Nelson
  • Amy Ponce
  • Micheal & Stephanie Rossi
  • Heidi Schmidt
  • Rachel Smith
  • BethAnne Stolp
  • Cynthia Surrisi
  • Jayne Thatcher
  • Colleen Tyson
  • Sheila Votiso
  • Tianna Votiso
  • Kathleen Warner
  • Yuxi Weng
  • Karen Worden
  • Kayla Yaeger
  • Children’s Theater Company
  • Hazel Blue
  • Indigo Tea
  • Green Lotus Yoga & Healing Center
  • Grand Jeté
  • Songbird Dancewear
  • Valley Natural Foods

We have multiple levels of Support to Suit every Budget!

Direct financial contributions include donations of cash or goods or gift cards with quantifiable cash value, and financial sponsorship of either individual ballet characters or an entire single performance. These donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

You may also provide In-kind service support: both cash and in-kind support are critical to TCB’s mission and strategic plan, and are publically recognized.

Upcoming Performances

The Ruby Slippers: A Wizard of Oz Ballet Mother’s Day Livestream Fundraising Event!