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Spotlight On: A Minnesota Nutcracker Sensory-Relaxed Performance

Twin Cities Ballet is excited to announce the continuation of our Sensory-Relaxed performance series on Thursday, December 8 at 10:00am.

A sensory-friendly, relaxed performance enables children and people with sensory sensitivities as a part of autism and/or sensory-processing disorders to experience the art of ballet with relaxed theater rules, such as the house lights staying on, theater doors remaining open, and a designated “quiet zone,” and more, to allow for increased comfort. 

We are thrilled to be able to share the love of ballet with people who may experience difficulties in a traditional theater setting. TCB believes dance is for everyone!

For ticket information, please email

We are happy to provide additional accessibility services and accommodations. Please reach out to to begin a conversation on how we can help.

  • Sensory elements, such as music volume, sound and lighting effects, are modulated, and the use of tablets/smartphones, fidget toys, and movement in the audience are permitted. 
  • A “social narrative” is available prior to the show so that audience members can familiarize themselves with the elements of the performance, know what to expect, and increase their comfort level with a new situation. 
  • Performers are available before the show for an “Introduction to the Characters,” which also allows for increased comfort. We are thrilled to be able to share the love of ballet with people who may experience difficulties in a regular performance setting. TCB believes dance is for everyone.
  • House lights remain on
  • Doors remain open for exiting theater as needed
  • Use of tablets/smartphones allowed (no videos or photos of performance)
  • Designated “Quiet Zone” available throughout performance
  • Introductions with performers before the show to familiarize audience members with the characters
  • Recorded music to control volume
  •  No flashing lights, stage fog/smoke, or sudden sounds

TCB is the first Minnesota dance company to offer a professional sensory-relaxed ballet performance. In developing this program, TCB collaborated with experts in the field, including the Autism Society of Minnesota, Shriners Hospital, Gillette Children’s Hospital, and Ballet Beyond Barriers: Adaptive Dance program. 

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