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A unique mixed evening of fears, tears, and fun. Contains some mature themes.

Rescheduled for 2021/2022 Season: DRACULA & . . . JULIET

 | Fitzgerald Theater

Fitzgerald Theater

About Rescheduled for 2021/2022 Season: DRACULA & . . . JULIET

Performances of Dracula & … Juliet has been rescheduled to our 2021/2022 Season. 

Come see the World Premiere of Dracula in  TCB’s mixed repertory night featuring Dracula, Romeo & Juliet and Distance, Sociably. 

Dracula: TCB’s innovative new contemporary ballet presents an original story adaptation of the classic novel and an original musical score, both written specifically for this production. Set in modern day with unexpected twists and plot developments unique to this work, Dracula features the supernatural, mind control, seduction and death in an intriguing and provocative way. Experience Dracula like never before!

Romeo & Juliet: New neoclassical ballet to Tchaikovsky’s relatively brief (approx.20minutes)Romeo and Juliet “Overture–Fantasy.” This original work explores the enduring story’s characters and dramatic structure by building on Tchaikovsky’s inventive uses of melodic themes, moods, and musical contrasts rather than as a chronological story ballet. From the sombre and reflective, to chaotic feuding, to the soaring love theme, TCB brings the thematic elements of this timeless story to life in a fresh and relatable way for all, whether new to ballet or a long time patron.

Distance, Sociably: New Comedy number parodying social distancing and related interactions.

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Rescheduled for 2021/2022 Season: DRACULA & . . . JULIET


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