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An Abridged version of "Narnia: The Ballet"

Mini-Narnia: The Ballet- CANCELLED

Lakeville Area Arts Center

About Mini-Narnia: The Ballet- CANCELLED

Our Mini-Nania Performances on Saturday, March 28 are CANCELLED due to MN Department of Health protocols to cancel any large events. If you have already purchased a ticket for Mini-Narnia, contact the Lakeville Area Arts Center. They are offering ticket refunds or credits to future performances.

COVID-19 will have a profound financial impact on the arts. Independent artists, performance companies, arts institutions and those they hold – including production staff, designers, teachers, and volunteers – will all feel the negative effects of postponement and closure. We implore patrons and donors who are fortunate to have stable financial means to continue supporting the arts. Your donations to both creative institutions and individuals will lessen the impact to those who ultimately do not receive income and healthcare benefits if their work cannot continue.

Mini-Narnia: The Ballet is a delightful abbreviated version of Twin Cities Ballet’s adaptation of the classic story The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, designed to introduce children to the magic of this family favorite. Suitable for all ages, this version is less than an hour and is performed by cast members from Twin Cities Ballet’s full-length production.

Performances are at 11:00am and 2:00pm.

Our 2:00pm performance is a sensory-friendly show designed for a neurodiverse audience which is suitable for children and families with autism and sensory-processing disorders.

What makes this a sensory-friendly show?
Example modifications include:
-House lights remain on
-Doors remain open for exiting theater as needed
-Use of tablets/smartphones allowed (no videos or photos of performance)
-Designated “Quiet Zone” available throughout performance
-Use of Noise Cancelling headphones allowed
Performance Adaptations:
-Meet and greet with performers before the show to familiarize audience members with the characters
-Recorded music to control volume output
-No flashing lights, stage fog/smoke, sudden sounds


Interested in Donating?

To fund its operations, Twin Cities Ballet relies most of all on donations from private and corporate sponsors. Help keep TCB on Pointe! Your tax-deductible support is greatly appreciated.

Upcoming Performances

Rescheduled for 2021/2022 Season: DRACULA & . . . JULIET


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