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About Twin Cities Ballet

About Us

Twin Cities Ballet (“TCB”) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit professional dance company that creates original full-length and shorter story ballets, a rare and nearly lost art, as well as more abstract contemporary ballet-based works. One of the leading ballet companies in Minnesota, TCB has carefully built a financially solid and growing organization that is making its mark both regionally and nationally through its creative and innovative artistic endeavors. TCB is also a leader in addressing issues of accessibility and inclusivity in ballet; for example, it is the first ballet company in Minnesota to offer a Sensory-Relaxed performance series for people with sensory sensitivities, making the art of ballet accessible for many who might not otherwise be able to do so.

Our Mission

To connect and enrich communities by making ballet approachable, relatable, and fun, through professional and original productions and educational outreach.

Twin Cities Ballet of Minnesota Activities and Events:

Outreach: TCB educates and interacts with children with our Outreach Programs in collaboration with local school districts and Arts Organizations. These outreach programs incorporate Art, Dance, Music and History into appropriate presentations for the public schools in this area, using both students and professional dancers. TCB also performs “mini” (one hour) versions of its major story ballets to families and young children at the Lakeville Area Arts Center, providing an accessible and affordable exposure to the art and depth of ballet.

A Minnesota Nutcracker Ballet the beloved Holiday classic with a Minnesota twist!  TCB performs its flagship full-length production of A Minnesota Nutcracker ballet to full houses each year, and has since its inagural performances in 2003. Consisting of a cast of over 120, TCB’s A Minnesota Nutcracker is seen by over six thousand people in the course of a single weekend each year, and has become one of the most attended and cherished annual professional holiday events in the Twin Cities. Every year, TCB also performs a special matinee performance of A Minnesota Nutcracker for seniors and Elementary & Special Education students in the area.

Original Productions: Each year TCB produces and performs its own original productions of full-length ballets done in the tradition of the great classical story ballets. Featuring original stories or story adaptations, new lighting, music, costumes, and choreography, audiences experience fresh and exciting presentations of familiar classic tales. These show include, Ruby Slippers: A Wizard of Oz Ballet, an all-new adaptation based on the classic books, Cinderella 1944: A Love Story, an original story inspired by the classic tale set in war torn England during WWII,  Beauty & the Beast, which featured an original new musical score composed specifically for the production, Narnia: The Ballet, based on the classic book, “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” by C.S. Lewis, Coppélia Nouveau an adaptation based on the original story ballet “Coppélia,” and the unprecedented smash hit, Pink Floyd’s The Wall: A Rock Ballet, with live music by Momentary Lapse of Floyd.

Our History

Twin Cities Ballet had its ancestral origin in the mid-1990’s with a school show of The Nutcracker directed by Denise Vogt, which was developed and presented over several years

  • Sensory elements, such as music volume, sound and lighting effects, are modulated, and the use of tablets/smartphones, fidget toys, and movement in the audience are permitted. 
  • A “social narrative” is available prior to the show so that audience members can familiarize themselves with the elements of the performance, know what to expect, and increase their comfort level with a new situation. 
  • Performers are available before the show for an “Introduction to the Characters,” which also allows for increased comfort. We are thrilled to be able to share the love of ballet with people who may experience difficulties in a regular performance setting. TCB believes dance is for everyone.
  • House lights remain on
  • Doors remain open for exiting theater as needed
  • Use of tablets/smartphones allowed (no videos or photos of performance)
  • Designated “Quiet Zone” available throughout performance
  • Introductions with performers before the show to familiarize audience members with the characters
  • Recorded music to control volume
  •  No flashing lights, stage fog/smoke, or sudden sounds

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