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Cinderella 1944: A Love Story


IN BRIEF:  Twin Cities Ballet of Minnesota premiered its widely acclaimed full-length original story ballet Cinderella 1944: A Love Story in 2013, and restaged it in both Minneapolis and Burnsville in 2016.


Set in England during WWII, Cinderella 1944 is an original story inspired by the classic tale told through dance and music,and features an original musical compilation and all-new stage designs, sets, lighting, costumes and choreography that includes swing dance in addition to classical ballet.

Blending tragedy, pathos, humor, hope and love, this unique reimagining of Cinderella’s struggles and journey of discovery will surprise and delight, and provide a touching and memorable experience for all.



“It’s a fun, original story that is inspired by thematic elements of the classic Cinderella tale, not simply Cinderella set in a different time” states Twin Cities Ballet Associate Artistic Director Rick Vogt, “audiences connect with the story they know and love on a deeper level, while also experiencing something new.”


In order to add authenticity and depth to the production, Twin Cities Ballet Artistic Director Denise Vogt did significant research before writing the libretto by visiting her native England and interviewing relatives and family friends about their wartime experiences and the culture of that era.  “It was key to designing the show, both for the dancing and for the production design. I really think it brings the production to another level, and heightens the audience’s experience.”


Joining Twin Cities Ballet professional company members and apprentices, are students primarily drawn from TCB’s official school, Ballet Royale Minnesota. “Part of TCB’s mission is to provide student dancers the opportunity to perform in professional productions, in professional venues, alongside professional dancers, used in an organic way that enhances the production––this benefits the professionals, students, and audiences alike,” says Rick Vogt.


For the 2016 performances, the roles of Cinderella and her love interest, a Captain in the U.S. Army Air Corps, were danced by Natalie Rossiand Raydel Caceres, who previously danced the roles of Sugar Plum Fairy and Cavalier in TCB’s A Minnesota Nutcracker, one of the metro’s most attended holiday events. Joining them as Cinderella’s “snooty cousins” were fellow company members Jennifer Christie and Zoë Marinello-Kohn, who were also featured performers in A Minnesota Nutcracker.


“Dancing this Cinderella is exciting because I’ve danced Cinderella before, but in the more traditional version,” says Natalie Rossi. “Here, Cinderella is a more realistic character, as opposed to a fairytale type princess, and a more relatable person. It’s always fun to create and become a character, and show more story to the audience, which allows me to stretch myself as a dancer and artist.”


Blending tragedy, humor, hope and love, this unique reimagining of Cinderella’s struggles, survival and journey of discovery, will surprise and delight, provides a touching and memorable experience for all!












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